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Free downloads audio books mp3 The Disintegrating Student: Struggling but Smart, Falling Apart, and How to Turn It Around (English literature)

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  • The Disintegrating Student: Struggling but Smart, Falling Apart, and How to Turn It Around
  • Page: 224
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  • ISBN: 9780806541327
  • Publisher: Kensington

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Free downloads audio books mp3 The Disintegrating Student: Struggling but Smart, Falling Apart, and How to Turn It Around (English literature)


In The Disintegrating Student, Jeannine Jannot, PhD. explores an increasingly common phenomenon: bright, successful students who suddenly hit a wall, with falling grades, scattered work, and emotional upheaval—and what parents can do to help their child get back on track. The must-read guide to getting your child back on track You know your child is bright. Until recently, school was fine—easy, even. Yet suddenly, your son or daughter is struggling academically and emotionally. Falling grades, scattered work, assignments unfinished or not turned in, outbursts and upheaval...what is going on? And how can you help? The truth is that many smart students reach a point where they feel overwhelmed and stressed out. As their grades drop, so does their self-esteem, and this combination of external and internal pressures can seem insurmountable. To make matters worse, students feel unable to ask for or accept help. In The Disintegrating Student, Jeannine Jannot, Ph.D. draws on her decades of experience as a school psychologist, educator, and student coach to explain the reasons for this increasingly common phenomenon. Dr. Jannot identifies the skill deficits and counterproductive behaviors of disintegrating students, and provides a complete toolbox of techniques and strategies to combat them. Effective and science-based, these tools address the specific challenges faced by students and their parents, including: * organization * time management * stress * study habits * sleep * mindset * and screens. Learn how to build trust, motivate, and encourage responsibility and problem solving. Empowering and engaging, The Disintegrating Student will show you how to help your child embrace what's going right, address what's going wrong, and develop the skills needed for success in school and in life. Praise for The Disintegrating Student “If simply thumbing through this book is making your heart pound with worry—and feel a rush of hope—time to read it.” —Lenore Skenazy, President, Let Grow, author of Free-Range Kids "Intelligible and thoughtful…is an outstanding resource for all parents and teachers of children of any age. The Disintegrating Student gives us the precise tools for reducing student’s stress and frustrations. " —William C. Heckman, MS, DAIS, Executive Director The American Institute of Stress " In this incredibly timely book, Dr. Jeannine Jannot gets at both the why behind the seemingly inexplicable struggles of smart kids and, more importantly, the what to do, with practical and proven tips to help kids get back on track." —Ned Johnson, founder PrepMatters, co-author of The Self-Driven Child "The Disintegrating Student provides not only a realistic and hard-hitting view of the modern child, it also distills the latest research to give parents critical practical insights to help their children thrive where they would otherwise crumble." —Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life “The most digestible book for modern parents I've found. It merges research with real life in a way that feels actionable. I finished it in a weekend and felt like I had the direction I needed to immediately be a better parent.” —Cindy Robinson, Founder, The Kid Factory “A great guide to support parents and students struggling to find and achieve academic success in a culture of pressure and stress. Helping parents and students understand the why behind falling apart and giving actionable tools to shift to more productive outcomes is a gift we can all benefit from. This is an invaluable resource!” —Annmarie Chereso, Mindfulness Educator, Leadership Coach “An incredible resource….The Disintegrating Student provides practical tools and easy to understand tips guiding parents in how to reconnect with and develop essential executive functioning skills in their children. I am excited to be able to reference this to families who I see struggling everyday with these issues in my private practice.” —Lisa Reid, LCSW, Essential Connections Counseling & Consulting “Dr. Jannot manages to succinctly explain…what may be happening for your child, how to help overcome those obstacles, and maybe even adjust your own expectations without feeling like you’re giving in. ‘Successful’ students are more than just good grades, and this book is a literal primer for creating a strong foundation for success.” —Krista Smith, Organizational Psychologist and mother of three (16, 14, and 10) “The Disintegrating Student will quickly become an essential guide for every student and parent working to survive and thrive in the current education environment." —Carolyn Lambert, Parent Coach, Nathan’s Waypoint “Students who “care so much that when they start to struggle academically...[it] paralyzes them into inaction” can be helped, posits school psychologist Jannot in her approachable debut. Jannot’s style is casual and buoyant… As much a pep talk as a set of strategies, this will hit the spot for parents looking for ways to get their children out of an academic rut.” —Publishers Weekly

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